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Boknesstrand lagoon
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Boknesstrand (or Boknes) is a small town in the Eastern Cape. It is 126km from Port Elizabeth, 187 km from East London, 72 km from Grahamstown, 37 km from Port Alfred and 31 km from Alexandria.  Boknesstrand's neighbour Cannon Rocks, is a 5 minute drive from Boknesstrand, a stone's throw away.  Coastal Towns near

Boknesstrand are Kenton-On-Sea, Alexandria, Bushman's

River Mouth and Port Alfred. It is part of the Ndlambe Local

Municipality in the Cacadu District of the Eastern Cape.

It is ± 19 km south-east of Alexandria, at the mouth of the

Bakanas River,from which it takes its name. Formerly called

Jammerfontein. The name Boknes is derived from Khoekhoen

and means ‘Father’s River’.